Abstract artist Olive Oliver seeks to explore the depths of abstract landscape painting. He uses an expressive style that involves bold colors, detailed lines, and texture. His art is purposeful and holds a powerful dynamic. The subject he expounds upon is nature, pertaining  to the beauty of Tennessee landscapes and other places with awe-inspiring elevations and majestic valleys. His color choice draws from his own ancestral history. He is a proud African American whose ancestors have historical ties to the Congo, Benin Togo, and the Ivory Coast, as well as parts of Eastern Europe, and Ireland. Although he has not traveled to these places he appreciates all the experiences that have brought him to this day and age, displaying a knowledge of self that exemplifies in each painting. 

Olive Oliver is grateful for the liveliness and serenity that comes from experiencing nature. From encounters with different plants or the sight of an esteemed mountain, the pleasure is always distinct. More importantly, there is a sense of obligation to protect the plan for healthier ecosystems. Olive Oliver is a self taught artist from Nashville , Tennessee. He is twenty-eight years old and approaching his third year of painting. He is currently a resident of Knoxville, Tennessee.